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Pugs thrive on human companionship and thus make for loving family dogs.


Average Size:

Weight Range:
6.3 to 8.2 kg

Height Range:
Male: 30 - 36 cm

Female: 25 - 30 cm

12 - 15 years

Bred For:
They were bred to be lap dogs and companions to the royal.

They are highly sensitive, playful and lazy.

Compatibility With Pets/Children:
Pugs are fond of enjoy the companionship children. They are also compatible with other pets if socialised.

Health Risks:
Cheyletiella dermatitis (walking dandruff), pug dog encephalitis, epilepsy, nerve degeneration, corneal ulcers, dry eye, allergies, demodectic mange.

Grooming Requirements:
Regular brushing and trimming of nails is required.

Exercise Requirements:
They need 40-60 minutes of exercise or playtime every day.

Nutritional Requirements:
They require protein, carbohydrates and fatty acids.

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