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Dachshunds are good watch dogs and make for lovely family pets because of their courage and loyalty.


Average Size:

Weight Range:
7 - 15 kg

Height Range:
Males: 37–47 cm

Females: 35–45 cm

12 - 16 years

Bred For:
Hunting small animals like mice and rabbits

They are clever, stubborn, playful and lively. They can be a little difficult to train.

Compatibility With Pets/Children:
They are compatible with other dogs as well as children.

Health Risks:
Intervertebral disk disease, obesity, hip dysplasia, knee dislocation, hypothyroidism.

Grooming Requirements:
They need to be brushed once or twice every week.

Exercise Requirements:
They require an hour of exercise every day that can be split into several walks. Make sure they do not jump, even from small heights.

Nutritional Requirements:
Meat and vegetables.

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