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They are friendly which makes them great family pets, but they are also intelligent enough to be highly capable working dogs.

  • Origin:


  • Average size:

    Medium to Large

  • Weight Range:

    Male: 30 - 34 kg

    Female: 25 - 32 kg

    Height Range:

    Male: 56 - 61 cm

    Female: 51 - 56 cm

  • Lifespan:

    10 - 12 years

    Bred For:

    They were originally bred to retrieve ducks and upland game birds while hunting and shooting.

  • Characteristics:

    They are highly intelligent, sociable and loyal.

    Compatibility With Pets/Children:

    They are friendly with children and enjoy the companionship of other pets.

  • Health Risks:

    Hip dysplasia, cancer, cardio and respiratory conditions, skin conditions

    Grooming Requirements:

    They require regular brushing and nail clipping.

  • Exercise Requirements:

    They require 40-60 minutes of hard exercise every day. They also enjoy swimming.

    Nutritional Requirements:

    Protein, fat and carbohydrates.