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They are intelligent, agile and strong dogs that are capable of great companionship.

  • Origin:

    United States of America

  • Average size:


  • Weight Range:

    Male: 16 - 30 kg

    Female: 14 - 27 kg

    Height Range:

    Male: 45 - 53 cm

    Female: 43 - 50 cm

  • Lifespan:

    8 - 15 years

    Bred For:

    They were originally bred for bull baiting and dog fighting.

  • Characteristics:

    They are stubborn, strong willed, affectionate, friendly, obedient, intelligent, loyal and courageous.

    Compatibility With Pets/Children:

    They love children but should always be supervised in the presence of other pets.

  • Health Risks:

    Hip dysplasia (HD), allergies, hypothyroidism, heart disease.

    Grooming Requirements:

    They require to be brushed occasionally.

  • Exercise Requirements:

    They need about an hour a day walking or playing.

    Nutritional Requirements:

    High-protein and low-grain diet.